Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cool Web App from Google : GrandCentral


I was looking around the Google site today.....really looking to getting started programming in GWT. I did find all of the GWT stuff....however, I ran into an application called GrandCentral ( This application gives you a free phone number and provides a dashboard for managing the free phone number. One of the common ways I use it is when I am not at home - I enter my business phone number, my home phone number, and my cell number into the GrandCentral application and configure it so that all incoming calls are linked to my GrandCentral phone number. That number is pointing to my cell phone. So an inbound call on my Grand Central, home, business, or cell phone all go to my cell phone. Just a really neat application and is priced in the retail sweet spot of FREE!!!


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Ryan said...

woohoo...sounds sweet...have any extra invites left?
you can contact me here: if you're feeling generous ;)