Sunday, April 6, 2008



My wife & I had the opportunity to attend a service at First Church of God in Winter Haven Florida. The topic was GUILT and was taught by Senior Pastor Alan J. Thomas.

I never stopped and really gave guilt much thought. After today's sermon, it was very clear that GUILT is a very powerful and terrible thing to face.

Here is how some of the people from the Bible dealt with GUILT the wrong way:

-> Try to hide it.
-> Try to run from it.
-> Try to blame others.
-> Try to justify it.

Here is the right way to deal with GUILT:

->> Recognition
->> Restitution
->> Redemption

Pastor Thomas really made things clear about GUILT - if you deal with GUILT the proper way(s), this life and the next will truly be enjoyable!

Kind Regards & God Bless,

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