Saturday, April 5, 2008

Unbelievable blunder by software giant SAP

I am really starting to understand why Software Engineers and Software Companies are sometimes seen as sketchy or down-right lacking basic morales.

Case in point - SAP charges Waste Management $100 million dollars for vapor ware. At our house here in Florida, Waste Management is our trash collector. They are VERY reliable, nicely priced, and use the latest technologies to handle the very nasty task of garbage management.

Shame on SAP for running a scam on a company that is truly trying to turn trash into useful items (like capturing methane from their landfills and powering homes by burning that methane).

You can follow this link and read the story - I first read about it in the March 31st 2008 edition of InformationWeekly.

I have a great group of Java Enterprise peers here in the Tampa area that I interact with on a daily basis. There is no way in the world would we ever allow our morales to sink to the level SAP did for greed.

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