Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Man on the Moon? NOT!!


As I was watching some of the space station coverage a few days ago on either public tv or space.com, my mind was jolted back to reality about our lunar missions.

There is no possible way that we ever sent men to the moon for some very solid scientific reasons.

-> Our technology today is very advanced, yet we have a very hard time launching s Space Shuttle.

-> The round trip distance to the moon and back is a very high (and unbelievable) statistic. Just the amount of fuel consumed in the non-gravity portion of the trip was approximately 30,000 kilograms - to travel a roundtrip track of 1.7 million kilometers.

-> A radiation field exists between Earth and the moon that is so strong that we currently do not have the technology to get human beings through without killing them.

I am not a super right wing conspiracy nut, but we must open our eyes and not let the government control the press (radio & TV). I am sorry if I have offended anyone - it's not our fault that the govenment faked this to give us a fake technological advantage in the world (and a huge morale boost to all Americans). If this story was made up and distributed throughout the world, just think how powerful our government is at manipulating local and global events.

I workded in the U.S. Military branch of the Army for 6 years with a Top Secret security clearance. The information I am offering here can be found in any blog or print media focued on the lunar missions.

Kind Regards,
Tom Pridham

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