Saturday, July 26, 2008

Self Publishing Companies


After doing an exhaustive search for the best self publishing company, my search has ended.

Trafford is by far the best value and the most professional self publishing compamy in the business.

Save yourselves tons of research hours and go to their website and request a copy of their brochure. You will be impressed.

Kind Regards & God Bless,
Tom P.

So who will the VP's be?

If I was McCain, I'd pick either Condy Rice or Mike Huckabee as the VP.

If I was O'Bama, I'd pick either Hillary or Hillary????? Not really a whole lot of honest democrats out there (actually there never was hehe).

- Tom

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Data Center Electricity


Did you know that IBM spends 10 million dollars a month on electricity just to power it's data centers?

They must be spending a fortune on "carbon credits". :-)


- IBM data center expenditure for electricty is sourced from InformationWeek.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What to do without a Space Shuttle fleet?

With the moth-balling of the Shuttle fleet quickly arriving, now what do we do as a country that has led the "Space Race" for so many years?

The president has said that we will refocus on the moon missions. What purpose do these missions serve the advancement of science? Least of all that the moon landing was a hoax to begin with. If we cannot fly a fleet of space shuttles, with 30 years of advanced technology around the Earth without blowing up a couple of the shuttles, then how in the world did we do the whole moon thing?

I know, moon conspiracy theorists are kooks and paranoid freaks with no scientific backing. Forget scientific backing and just look at normal facts:

Why was the "moon missions" suddenly abandoned? We should have an outpost on the Moon, yet we can't even build a Space Station without time and budget overruns and technological issues.

Something is just not right.